The miticism of Peru

The miticism of Peru

Peru is the place destined for spiritual awakening and a journey to spiritually find yourself. On this tour we meet both master Shamans and andean Paqo’s and focus on the inner power within each other. Travel and share the journey with like-minded people who are on a personal and spiritual quest. In Lima, visit the Pachacamac Oracle considered a powerful “magnetic” centre. Visit and discover the mysteries that keeps the ancient Nazca culture alive. Travel to Puno, where you will be one of the few people who will visit the Aramumuru Tridemensional doorway. This rare doorway, is a huge mysterious door-like structure located in the Hayu Marca Mountain, also known as the “Gate of the Gods”. Here a spiritual session with coca leaves will take place. Finally, we travel to Cusco surrounding ourselves by the gentle energy of the “Apus”. In the Sacred Valley you will experience a traditional Andean ritual "Offering to the Earth" performed by a Paqo.

The following schedule has been custom designed by our team and are referential tours that show what Kichwa has to offer.

14 Days

13 Nights

  • Pachacamac Oracle visit
  • Huacachina Oasis
  • Dr. Javier Cabrera Museum with a collection of andesite stones
  • Nazca Lines & Chauchilla cemetery
  • Sillustani burial site
  • Aramumuru tridimensional doorway
  • Andean rituals in Puno & in the Sacred Valley
  • Decoding Machu Picchu´s Mysteries


KICHWA – Highlights del Tour


Day 1

Arrival to Lima.

Transfer to your hotel with guided assistance. Overnight at Selected Lima Hotel

Day 3

Huacachina & Museum Tour

Early morning, we travel to Ica located 5 hours from Lima. On arrival to Ica, we make our way to Huacachina Oasis which is surrounded by Royal Palms, Date Palms, huarangos, and desert sand dunes. The Lagoon, with its emerald coloured waters, is located five kilometres from the city. The lagoon tells a story of a young woman named Huacay China who fell in love and married a warrior. After the young lady discovered her warrior had died during the war she cried in sorrow and mourned along the sunflower field which later formed to a lagoon. As myths are told, in every new moonlight, she leaves the lake to mourn for their beloved. Have some free time to wander around and have lunch (not included). Visit the private museum of Dr. Javier Cabrera which houses a collection of andesite stones. The stones are engraved with a variety of images and vary from simple pictures on one side of a pebble and other complex designs. Some of the designs are linked to the Paracas, Nazca, Tiwanaku, Ica or Inca cultures. Finally transfer to Nazca where you will rest. Overnight at Selected Nazca Hotel

Day 5

Lima – Puno: Sillustani burial site

After breakfast at the hotel, we travel to Puno. On arrival to the airport, our guide and driver welcome us and then we head to Puno. On the way, we stop and visit one of the archaeological gems of the Andean Plateau, the Sillustani burial site. This is an impressive site made up of cylindrical tombs where the Pukara Culture used to bury their elite. It is set in a spectacular landscape surrounded by beautiful mountains and the Umayu Lagoon. Nowadays, we observe well preserve tombs including some carved icons. This tour will provide a wider perspective on the history and understanding of the Inca origins. Presently, archaeologist are still searching for fragments of other different cultures on the same site. Finally, transfer to your hotel. Overnight at Selected Puno Hotel.

Day 7

Aramumuru Tridimensional doorway & Andean ritual

Peru is a bio-energetic berth of great magnetic powers. Back in the old days, Peruvians had a divine respect towards the mountains, water, sun and earth. Our journey takes us to Hayu Marca mountain located 35 kilometres from Puno where we visit a huge mysterious door-like structures known as the doorway of Aramu Muru tridimensional. The door or the “Puerta de Hayu Marca” (Gate of the Gods) has been carved out of a natural rock which measures exactly 23′ in height and width. It has a minor compartment in the centre at the base which measures in at just under 6′ in height. As legends would tell, the native Indians of the region spoke of a gateway entrance to the land of the Gods where long past great heroes joined their gods. The gateway led them through a glorious new life of immortality and on rare occasions some males returned with their gods to inspect all the lands in the kingdom but for a short period of time. We will perform an Andean ritual, directed by a Master Shaman, as we receive full power and energetic vibes. After some meditation we travel back to Puno. Overnight at Selected Puno Hotel.

Day 9

Cusco City Tour & Archaeological Sites

The Incas had a cosmological vision and according to their myths and legends they considered it sacred. The word ´Sacred´ in Quechua is connected to the word "Huaca" and has a range of meanings including spirits and rituals. Enjoy your morning strolling around the town. In the afternoon, we will pick you up for a tour to discover the city. It starts with a visit to the impressive Colonial Cathedral in Cusco that contains over 400 paintings from the Cusqueña School. Afterwards, we stop at the Temple of the Sun, Koricancha which was the main religious centre for the Incas who devoted it to the Sun. According to the chroniclers, the walls of this temple were entirely covered with gold. From here we take the bus and visit the four surrounding ruins located at less than 8 km. We start with the fortress of Sacsayhuamán. It is said that the city of Cusco has the shape of a Puma and the head of the Puma is sited at Sacsayhuaman. It is believed an astronomic observatory and was used for meditation purposes because of its great cosmic energy. Visit Q'enqo, this place was a ceremonial centre used to worship the Gods. Then visit Puca-Pucara which means ´Red Fortress´, this site was an administrative and military centre. Lastly, stop at Tambomachay or Inca's Bath, considered a military spot or otherwise a spa resort for the Incan political aristocracy. Overnight at Selected Cusco Hotel.

Day 11

Ollantaytambo fortress & Train to Machu Picchu

After breakfast we travel to Ollantaytambo town where we will visit Ollantaytambo´s impressive fortress and have the rest of the morning to browse or walk around the town and its narrow streets which still keep their spirituality in its rock walls.  Then, we will go to the train station to board the train that will take us to Machu Picchu. Free afternoon to stroll around the town and prepare for the next day. Overnight at Selected Aguas Calientes Hotel.

Day 13

Maras Moray & Chincheros

Today we take a trip to one of the most interesting Inca sites in Cusco. We begin with a visit to the Colonial town of Maras and its church. We then continue on to a nearby Inca site of Moray, a magnificent series of terrace circles set into the ground that was once used by the Incas for experimentation with agricultural crops. We end the tour, at the salt mines representing thousands of clear white basins leaving behind pure salt crystals along the valley. Overnight at Selected Cusco Hotel.

Day 2

FD Pachacamac Tour & City Tour

Today, we start our journey by visiting the temple site of Pachacamac, considered a powerful “magnetic” centre by the Peruvian government. Studies by NASA engineers show, Pachacamac is one of several important worldwide solar temples exhibiting an unusual energy trademark. Pachacámac in Quechua means Earth Creator, once a creator god by the people who lived in this particular place. Prepare yourself for the next days as you will unearth and rediscover your inner you. Shamans explain that every individual holds a certain power, that is, if you´re attention lies on a certain object so does your energy towards that certain item. Visit the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of Pachacamac and the Acllahuasi or Palace of the Virgins of the Sun.  After the visit, you will spend some time visiting Lima´s downtown, the Colonial "City of Kings" and get a first-hand glimpse of its majestic past. We visit sites such as the Cathedral and Presidential Palace overlooking the Plaza de Armas and the Catacombs beneath San Francisco Convent. Visit Lima's magnificent Colonial architecture as well as vignettes of its pre-Colombian past. Overnight at Selected Lima Hotel.

Day 4

Nazca Lines & Chauchilla cemetery – Lima

Early in the morning, we make our way to the aerodrome and board a light aircraft in which you fly over the enigmatic Nazca Lines. Discover the mysterious lines made on the sand in a 350 km circuit. We then visit the Chauchilla cemetery, a Nazca burial ground where mummified corpses were laid to rest until the ninth century. After an interesting tour, we return back to Lima arriving later towards the evening. Overnight at Selected Lima Hotel

Day 6

Full day Lake Titicaca

We visit Lake Titicaca and as Andean shamanic tradition, the water is used and known as a great purifying force. Legends tell that Wiracocha (the creator) brought the sun, moon, stars and planets out of the lake to take their place in the sky which is considered a sacred location within the community. The tour begins at 7:30am with a transfer from your hotel to the port. We then travel by semi-speed motorboat and visit the floating Island of Uros. Stepping onto the floating island feels like stepping on a waterbed and it is safe to walk on them. We visit 2 out of the 60 islands located on a canal amongst reeds. We continue on to Taquile Island where we observe a native community. A long gradually ascending path takes us up to the main village (approx. 50 minutes) where you will have the chance to shop. Later, we enjoy lunch at one of the many local restaurants along the main pathway. We later descend 500 steps down to the main dock. We arrive back at Puno’s port and then transfer you to your hotel. Overnight at Selected Puno Hotel.

Day 8

Arrival to Cusco by bus or train from Puno

Today, travel to Cusco either via bus or train. After breakfast, we journey from Puno to Cusco in a private coach where you will be driven across the Altiplano to Cusco. This drive will take you through sleepy Andean villages, past spectacular snow-capped mountains, sheer cliffs and rampaging rivers. Or perhaps, journey on the Luxury Andean Explorer Train. If so, please ensure to consult with our sales representative to check availability and note that this is an additional cost. The train runs Monday-Wednesday-Saturday (November to March) or Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday (April to October). Once you have arrived in the famous city of Cusco in the afternoon, you will be transferred to your hotel. Overnight at Selected Cusco Hotel.

Day 10

Andean "Offering to the Earth" Ritual in the Sacred Valley

Today, we will travel along the Sacred Valley through this fertile river valley which was home to many important sites for the Incas, both strategically and religiously. We will find sanctuary amongst the comfort of nature that bring an important part of the healing power towards us spiritually. We then meet a ´Andean Paqo´ who will enlighten us about the mysteries and mysticism that the Sacred Valley possesses. The Andean Paqo will bring offerings to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and offer them through a Mystical ceremony. The Incas believed that this place was chosen by the Cosmos in order to build the Sacred City. You will perform a complete meditation and spiritual ritual which you could than ask for love, money or professional success. We then visit the village of Pisac, with its famous ruins & market. Finally transfer to your hotel. Overnight at Selected Sacred Valley Hotel.

Day 12

Decoding Machu Picchu´s Mysteries

The day has arrived where we will revitalize our spiritual energy! Visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, Machu Picchu! It is a huge stone complex that escaped the Spanish Conquest because of its remote location and rocky terrain. Machu Picchu is considered to be a sacred and spiritual place because of its location within parallel circles of mountains. There are also other aspects such as, the river circling the base of the mountain it stands upon and the fact that it was constructed in complete harmony with the physical and cyclical facet of nature. There is an inner and outer ring of mountains which act as guardians and create a powerful circle with Machu Picchu at the interior. Each of these mountains have special symbolic properties and energies. To those who come with a clear and pure intent these ancient mountains will embrace their energetic powers with you. Enjoy a guided tour of the ruins and monuments, such as the Main Square, the Circular Tower, the Sacred Solar Clock, the Royal Quarters, the Temple of the Three Windows and the Cemeteries. After a guided tour, have some free time to explore the citadel on your own and take plenty of pictures. Towards the afternoon, take the bus down to Aguas Calientes for some spare time for lunch. Later on, board the train for your journey back to the Sacred Valley for an overnight stay. Overnight at Selected Sacred Valley Hotel.

Day 14

Depart Cusco

What´s included



• 03 overnights in Lima selected hotel

• 01 overnights in Nazca selected hotel

• 03 overnights in Puno selected hotel

• 03 overnights in Cusco selected hotel

• 02 overnights in Sacred Valley hotel

• 01 overnight in Aguas Calientes hotel

• Meals specified as per itinerary.

• Private visit to Pachacamac & Lima downtown with a local specialist

• Private transportation from Lima to Ica, Nazca and back to Lima with local specialist

• Overflight Nazca Lines from Nazca airport

• Private visit to Aramumuru mystical doorway with local specialist and Shaman

• Touristic bus from Puno to Cusco with lunch included

• Private visit to the Sacred Valley with local specialist and Master “Paqo”.

• “Andean earth or “Pachamama” offering” in the sacred valley

• Private tours specified as per itinerary.

• Entrance tickets to all the visited sites

• Meals specified as per itinerary.

• Day 11 & 12: Executive Class train service with Inca Rail, to/from Ollantaytambo/Aguas Calientes.





• International Flights // Domestic Flights

• Travel Insurance

• Meals not specified.

• Personal expenses and Tips.

• Alcoholic beverages.

• Day 8: If wishing to book the Luxury Andean Explorer Train, please ensure to consult with our sales representative to check availability and note that this is an additional cost. The train runs Monday-Wednesday-Saturday (November to March) or Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday (April to October).


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